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The primary ingredients found in nearly every Peruvian dishes are rice, potatoes, chicken, pork, lamb, and fish. Most of these meals include one of the different kinds of “aji”, or Peruvian hot pepper, which mainly are: yellow aji pepper, red aji pepper, red rocoto pepperToday more than 2,000 varieties of potato can be found in Cusco region. They range in color from purple to blue, from yellow to brown. Sizes and textures vary as well. Some are smalls as nuts; others can be as large as oranges, and in the highland they process the potatoes ( Dihydrated potatoes or dry potatoes)

Meals on any trek with SAM Travel Peru


1st Breakfast: at 5:30am Porridge, toast, butter, jam, pancakes, fruit salad, yogurt, you can
also have hot chocolate, coffee, English tea and/or a selection of herbal teas (chamomile, lemon
grass or simply traditional coca tea).
2nd Breakfast: at 6:00 Hot chocolate, omelets, plain bread, coffee, English tea and/or a selection of herbal
teas (chamomile, lemon grass or simply traditional coca tea).
3rd Breakfast: at 4:00am, you will get a cake on this day.


1st Lunch: Steamed trout will be served as a main course, appetizer is a nice avocado
dish with a beautiful red dressing with garlic bred and bowl of soup! Drinks: berries juice, selection of
herbal teas (chamomile, lemon grass or simply traditional coca tea).
2nd Lunch: maiz (fresh corn) soup, garlic bread, Lomo Saltado, rice, soy meat, vegetables
and asparagus appetizer. Drinks: herbal teas (chamomile, lemon grass or simply traditional coca tea).
3rd Lunch: appetizer is a delicious Causa Rellena (specially mashed potatoes with tuna
sauce in it), Quinua soup, steak, beans, salad, wheat, sweet potatoes and garlic bread. Drinks: maracuya juice.
juice, selection of herbal teas (chamomile, lemon grass or simply traditional coca tea).


1st Dinner: A delicious spaghetti with 2 different sauces, vegetables soup, desert (chocolate pudin)
Drink: chamomile recommended (helps you to sleep), black tea, coca tea, etc.
2nd Dinner: chicken legs, rice, mash potatoes, salad, meat, a hot desert made out a maizena,
hot cup of tea (chamomile) or any other kind of tea. Good night!
3rd Dinner: another amazing supper! meat, rolled chicken with beautiful dressings, pasta, russian
salad, slices of peach, jelly + wine!!!

Tea Time or High Tea:

High tea: every afternoon at around 5pm you will get stuffed with popcorn, biscuits, wantan, jam, butter,
chocolate, tea, etc, et and of course is time to play cards!!

Hot toddy: special drink made with alcohol, sugar, hot water, lemon, cinnamon tea and slice of apple ( just for warming up)
Bed Time: 20:00 ask for your hot water bottle, especially for the 1st and 2nd night!!!

Snacks: every morning before leaving the camps you will get a bag containing your snack for the walk until
lunch; this is usually power bar and a fruit; biscuits and another fruit, etc


*Vegetarian/special diet options are available on request

Some of our typical dishes

• Pachamanca: This is a typical dish from the desert. It consists of lamb, pork, meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a tamale. First, one has to heat rocks on the floor using firewood. When they are hot enough, the food is placed inside a sac and buried in the hot rocks. The food has to be repeatedly checked to see when it is done because the temperature is unstable.
• Papa la Huancaina: Potatoes served with a special spicy sauce, olives, lettuce and egg.
• Papa Rellena: meat-stuffed potato patties.
• Rocoto Relleno: Typical dish with meat, onions, peanuts, milk and eggs, everything baked inside of the delicious rocoto (pepper), with potatoes and cheese.
• Seco de frejoles: Boiled beans with a lamb stew in green sauce, always served with white rice and raw onions seasoned with lemon and aji.
• Roast cuy or guinea pig, is considered a delicacy, and is traditionally served for very special occasions.
Lomo Saltado: This is a traditional Peruvian dish made with sliced beef, hot chiles, and French fries. It is a very easy dish to make. I might add that it’s very popular with finicky.
Arroz con Pollo: A Peruvian version of Arroz con Pollo, this chicken with rice dish is made in two skillets, and flavored with cilantro, chili pepper, and orange juice.
Pasta: This recipe uses spaghetti squash in place of pasta to make a plate full of vegetables.
Red Salad: If you love beets
Traditional Peruvian Chicken Soup: (Aguadito de Pollo) is a light version of the Peruvian Chicken Chowder (Chupe de Pollo).”
Cream of Asparagus

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